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January 19, 2010

Ok so…Biggles is bailing right and left on the work-outs!  I don’t even know where he is ducking out to after he leaves

the office.  I assumed that he was going to the gym but they say that they have not seen him.  WHERE ARE YOU BIGGLES?

You know, I can’t I WON’T do this by myself!  People are gonna start to think that I am crazy!  Or that I am just talking to myself.  It is hard to believe in a clown that you haver never SEEN but lots of people HAVE seen him…

Biggles is a bit camera shy (until he is certain that there is actual FILM in the camera) and then he gets all giddy

and of course the new digital cameras absolutely confound Biggles so at least we have technology to thank for something.

I have asked Biggles to ask BonnieSue if she would like him to share anything about her at this time.  He said (that she said) that she was going through the chemo and that it sucked!  Her hair was starting to come out so she cut it and Biggles kindly offered to share one of his quality hair pieces but BonnieSue said no thanks, as she was pretty sure (and I am too) that ALL of Biggles’ quality hair pieces involve some rainbow coloring…and not just ANYONE can pull off that sort of “look”.

Biggles can get away with it but I am not so sure about BonnieSue!  I mean, the idea as I see it is to BLEND IN…and having your head encased in a dorky clown wig….well, it is just not for everybody.  BonnieSue said that I should thank Biggles because at least he had the thought….A thought…..

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