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January 22, 2010


When Deb was cruising along on Bear Mountain Rd. shortly after dark on Thursday night. No one was directly behind for the first two miles and it was pretty slow and careful going.  All of a sudden there came a red truck with the entire front lit up like a Department Store Grand Opening.  This person was so far up deb’s ….LANE….that she was immediately blinded by all of the lights that blared from the direction of the mirrors.

Deb was temporarily unable to see the road and so she wisely decided to pull aside and let this maniac go charging off, hurtling ever closer to his certain death.  Perhaps somewhere down that road a baby was being born in a back seat–an understandable CRISIS!  More likely, some Doh!Joe was missing the kick-off.

Pulling over at the first chance….dEb was not finding luck in the cards.  There were ONCOMING HEADLIGHTS to the RIGHT as she rounded the bend.  The was nothing else to do but DITCH RIGHT!! The nearness of the miss was scary.

dEb had better things to do with her evening than kill some stranger with a head-on collision…

Having pulled to the far right and ending up nose-deep into the muddy shoulder…dEb jumped out of the car. She screamed a few choice foulties after the offending vehicle, as it slinked guiltily off into the dark rain.

The person that was nearly CREAMED turned out to be a woman who lived directly across the street from that spot.  Apparently it was her regular habit to pull over onto the WRONG side of the road (leaving her headlights on), to pick up her mail. deb apologized for having almost killed her and she said , “That’s OK.”

dEb suggested that maybe facing the wrong way on the

dark road was not such a good idea.

When dEb arrived, breathless and terrified, at her destination, she told her friends of the incident.  Her friend knew EXACTLY what section of the road, which mailbox…which HOUSE!  It seems that the lady does this every day!

I invite this lady to comment here.  I hope that she will pay attention to what ALMOST HAPPENED, and decide for herself that it is indeed, A VERY DANGEROUS HABIT to park her car facing the wrong way, with her lights on and pointing towards oncoming traffic.  At the very minimum I think that it might be safer for everyone if she just aims her headlights towards the field instead of the road.  Or she could turn on her hazard blinkers…anything to give a clear signal that she is parked and not a hindrance to traffic.

PLEASE, LADY!  SAVE A LIFE!   (it may be your own).


that it wasn’t dEb or me.

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  1. Sheri permalink
    January 28, 2010 9:10 pm

    You’re right is all I can say and How clever of you to post this, quite a story.

    You can tell the neighbor that saw me do this “every day” – which is quite a stretch, that maybe they could have mentioned it to me to “Save a Life” as well. Good people sometimes have lapses in good judgment, and since I obviously thought my flashers were enough, I was wrong. Dumb mistake on my part, it won’t happen again.

    • January 28, 2010 9:46 pm

      Thanks Sheri!
      I appreciate it that you posted back. Rain played a huge part. I am sure that I could have been more cautious. I drive on Bear Mountain road
      a lot. I have seen that big red truck barrelling through at a high speed before!
      I hope that someone can let him know how he is affecting other drivers. Dying in a traffic-related accident is such a cruel waste, and in many cases
      can be avoided. Thanks again Sheri.

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