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January 25, 2010


You really don’t want to try to spend a lot of words on Biggles the first thing in the morning, before he has had his coffee.

It is just not a good plan.  Take what happened this morning, for example.  I was busy trying to light the fire in the woodstove.  Biggles was just sitting, glaring at the coffee pot, WILLING it to fill itself and begin to perk.

I was having a conversation with my rommate, Marilyn.  It went like this:

DEB:  Hey Marilyn, I need a new light bulb in my room.  One has burned out.  Is there anything else that you need at the store?

MARILYN:  Well!  I know that I need light bulbs too!  And maybe paper towels, so you will want to look outside in thegarage…THAT REMINDS ME!  I owe you $6.  Let me get that for you….

…Or, you could buy a whole pack of light bulbs…..then I would owe you a few more dollars….WHY don’t I give you $10 and you can buy the lightbulbs?  Of course, the phone bill is due and you probably owe me some money for that….maybe I should take back the $10 and give you these two $5s…..

By this time, it was too much for Biggles.  He went running around the living room and finally out into the yard, bleating like a baby lamb, screaming,


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