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February 19, 2010

Ok now I know how those Salmon feel when they try to swim upstream.  I feel like a salmon, with my head underwater.

It is this nasty crappy snotty COLD and COUGH that I have had for a little over a week.  I have noticed that many people–when hearing my complaint about a week’s suffering–have got me beat when it comes to longevity.

“I’ve had it for five weeks”, said a guy at the gym.  “I’ve had it since before Christmas”, said my roommate.  Ok, so now, besides feeling crappy and snotty, I am one-upped by everyone.  SUCKS!

I don’t care.  I still feel weak, run-down, stuffy, runny, coughy….(coffee? No thanks. I feel too crappy).

heh heh heh I guess I feel crappy–but my sense of humor is still very much alive.

Matter of fact, I had my audition yesterday for the

Third Annual Shasta County’s Got Talent Show

Which will be held at Win River on Saturday, March 13, 2010, in the big auditorium.  I hope that they get a big crowd this year.  Not that it makes a difference in the final analysis.  Most of my friends never think I am funny.  Biggles–now HE is funny.  All the time!  A human laugh-machine.  A chuckle factory.  I wish I was more like him.

Oh well, I got through the audition and I was able to return to my work-out routine today, although I took it easy and did not try to over-extend myself.  I have very little appetite so that is a good thing.  I have done well in my training since December, when I began in earnest to get ready for the Bay to Breakers event.

I sure hope that I will not have this STUPID COLD UNTIL MAY!!!!!!!


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