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February 28, 2010

It was a beautiful weekend!  I decided to see if my daily work-outs have improved my ability to walk some distance, in preparation for the Bay to Breakers, which is only

11 weeks away

True to DEB typical form, I did not simply walk ONE SIDE of the River trail. I walked ALL of it! All five miles…

I started out by parking near the Teen Center.  I have known people (my Mom) that have parked next to the trail, only to find that they had a break-in–a window broken, and things were stolen from their cars while they were busy walking the trail.  I parked near the BUSY part of the park.  You know, the part that is closest to the area where the people (most likely to want to break into cars) all happen to be hanging out…how ironic!  No, my car was not molested.

I started in the park and started on the north (hilly) side of the river on the trail.  I walked all the way to the bridge with the intention of backtracking, but once I reached the bridge I decided to cross and make the entire loop which I think is five miles. I felt fine until about mile four.  My knee, the “unfixed” one–started to make clicky noises and then it hurt.  Once I had walked the entire trail and arrived at the Diestelhorst bridge, I was DONE!  Unfortunately, I had necessarily to walk all the way back through the park, to where I had left my car.  Bummer!  I was ready for the Mercy airlift at that point.  Calgon, take me away!

Well, I did it, because I had to do it.  I went to the bookstore after that and had a cup of coffee and waited for my knees to stop twanging, while I sat and had a nice conversation with my new friend, Arlene.

My knee was replaced a few years ago and the other one needs it as well.  I don’t want to have to do that surgery again for a long LONG time and maybe NEVER, if possible.  It is a lot of pain and physical therapy.  That is an ‘All-at-once’ pain–not like what I have now–which is a ‘Little-bit-every-day’ pain in the knees. Pain in the knees?  Pain in the BUTT!

Even on those days when I REALLY overdo the exercise…(like walking the entire five miles)–even then, my knees don’t usually hurt the following day.  This time they did—

Oh yes they so totally DID!

I was in pain when I woke up at about 6am, but I am ok now.  I am so okay, I probably will go to the gym, even though I gave myself permission to skip it today if I wanted.

What would be great would be to play some disc golf on a day like this.  All of my friends that play are probably already out playing. I guess I could go by myself.  Biggles, where are you on a pretty day like this?  Let’s go play some Disc Golf.

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