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March 19, 2010

Ahhhh the weather is PERFECT!  I think I will try that 5 mile loop on the River Trail again.  The First time I tried that it was cool for the first mile

the second mile

the third mile

the fourth mile…..

But then….four steps into the FIFTH mile, I began scanning the horizon for any sign of that hospital helicopter air ambulance–so that I could FLAG IT DOWN….

Since I had parked my car in the center of the park, I had to walk all the way back to the starting point…but as I was finishing up on the trail (knees yelling yelling) and as I passed the Diestelhorst walking bridge, I felt like a horse that smells the comfort of the stable…I was rejuvenated!  Second wind!  I made it to the car in one piece, and without shedding a single tear.

My knees were both


for oh….about three days afterward.

hahaha!  Crybaby.  That’s about the only way I can use the words (I)     (smell)   and   (stable)

COMFORTABLY….in one sentence.

The concept of time and distance–complicated as it may be–is not entirely lost on Biggles.  He gets that

The River trail is 5 miles….pretty level…..and walking it took about two hours.  In San Francisco, where it is HILLY, we will be walking up and down hills and we will have four hours to walk 7.49 miles….

This adds up to…….(hmmm, wait.  Carry the one…..) This adds up to the fact that Biggles needs to walk that trail a few more times before attempting to tackle that Bay To Breakers Event on MAY 16!


Who knows, maybe Biggles will get as far as the BIG hill, then trip over his size 17 shoes and commence a’rollin

down the hill….knocking runners, watchers, newspaper men, donut-holding innocent bystanders aside—like a big colorful screaming snowball.

That is……..if all goes according to PLAN!    (Wink)

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