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April 9, 2010

So Where is he?  WHO   is he?

My website has had (to date) 499 hits. That means 499 people have been curious enough to go take a look and view for themselves the MAGIC that is BIGGLES!  Either that or they are trying to figure out where to send the commitment papers.

I JUST KNOW…..that Mr. 500, that NEXT guy to click…will be my very favorite.  I don’t think any balloons or anvils will fall on your head when you click, it is not like a grand opening celebration at the new supermarket…By the way, Biggles almost ALWAYS cries at those events.  He is very emotional about food and the places where they keep the food…

Biggles has been jumping around like a fool, dancing in the little spots of sunshine that show up on the carpet. Because of HIM….my back has been sore all week and I find it hard to stand up straight!  I slept on the floor for two nights.  Biggles wondered about that so I told him that we were CAMPING. The old fool tried to light a fire in a coffee can on the floor.  I intervened luckily.  He will just have to eat those marshmallows RAW. Who wants to STOP DROP AND ROLL

a clown…

(Answer: EVERYBODY!)

I have taken this week off from the gym, although maybe what I need is a dunk in a hot tub.  If I promise to hold Biggles’ HEAD under the water, maybe MR. FIVE HUNDRED will invite me over to sit in HIS hot tub.  That is, if we can all fit in there–around Biggles’ FANTASTICALLY FAT NECK!

Some of the other parts of Biggles have started to slim somewhat…but not that NECK!  I really hate to STARE but–it is so fascinating to look at. It almost looks exactly like a map of West Virginia.

BAY TO BREAKERS IS 5 weeks away!

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