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April 20, 2010


For Bonnie has required some thought.  As a Realtor, I am wary of any activity that would give the appearance of inappropriateness…comingling of funds (my own and someone else’s) or Opening up what might be considered a Trust account.  These things are not allowed to those in my field!  It is called Feduciary Responsibility and this I cannot breach.

I am still working on a way to do this!  I have had people offer to donate funds to Bonnie, for her use towards the medical bills that are beginning to pile up.  I am interested in your suggestions!

Please respond if you are reading this and you know of a proper and clear way to safely


This is my goal.  The 12k event, I can do that too (I think!)  Even with my one knee hanging on by a thread, I am DOING IT!  It would just be such a shame to go to all of that time and trouble (and EXPENSE!)

Yes, it has been expensive for me to put together this website, this plan and all of the costs involved with driving and staying in San Francisco for a night or two while I participate in the event.  If you ask Biggles the reason WHY…all he will say is that

It’s TIME.

The real reason is that I need to do SOMETHING!  I don’t want to just sit idly by and REACT to the world

as events occur.  I want to CAUSE the events!  I want to ACT

thereby eliciting the rest of the world to react to me!  I want to make a CHANGE FOR THE BETTER

IN SOMEONE’S LIFE!  That someone happens to be my friend Bonnie.  I believe that I need to stand up and MAKE A BIG NOISE IN ORDER TO BE HEARD.

I want to make a difference.  Just a small one.

Let me hear your ideas!  Meantime, I will show you another silly photo of Biggles.  This photo was taken (secretly) while Biggles was doing his water-ballet therapy work-out. This is the reason (I am guessing)

that Biggles never appears to exercise, and NEVER can be found at the gym!

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