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April 24, 2010


It was really cool. My Certified Flight Instructor is Irwin Fust, (he owned Kwik Kopy Printing for many years and was District 3 County Supervisor for 15 years)…he had me controlling the rudder and at the wheel and he was completely hands-off!

It was great….    at first…
but then he was telling me all the things that I should be DOING!


Holding the throttle (controls the speed and thrust) with one hand, the wheel with the other (controls the flaps that help to turn) and right and left foot on separate pedals (to move the ailerons, rudder and enables turning) BUT ALSO…

AM I…..

looking at my gauges, altimeter, pressure, gas, level flight indicator, air speed indicator…

Am I….

keeping a balance of all adjusters to ensure level flight (no mawing, dipping, sliding, dropping altitude) or is the nose up TOO HIGH am I gaining ALTITUDE, AM I ADJUSTING MY SPEED…?!!

AM I…. scanning the sky for other planes….OTHER PLANES??????!!!!!


Well, I was doing fine until all of that stuff began to weigh down on me and how it was


..flying this thing and OMG!   ME?????   OHHHHH….that could be bad! I DON’T KNOW HOW!  (MORE SCREEEEAMMMING……) so I said “Irwin, I am ready for you to take over.”

He did and it was all fine and once on the ground (oh and the closer we GOT the better I felt!) then Irwin said Oh yeahhhhh, all of those feelings were completely natural and expected and EVERYBODY tends to feel that way (at least the sane and sensible ones)

and in fact if I WAS completely comfy with it….that would NOT be so good as it would prove that I was probably unfit (they want you OPEN to insanity, but not necessarily THERE yet).
Irwin said that I did great!  I liked it and was terrified at the same time.

Just the same as I feel about everyday life.

The lessons in the book are complicated beyond belief!  The lessons in the air are scary and thrilling!  The PLANE…actually just flies itself mostly and the pilot’s job is to hold on.  All of these pilot/plane folks are unique and fun individuals and I am making some new friends.

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  1. barbara permalink
    April 27, 2010 3:15 pm

    Not much different than driving a car! It is so great that you are on your way!


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