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April 24, 2010

You Know Who

…is a Really Nice Man?   Dr. Phil Copitch!

He practices Family and Individual counseling and therapy services and he is GREAT!  I recommend “Dr. Phil” to anyone who is reading this!

I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Copitch about a year ago and he is a very wise old owl (ok he is not really that old…)

If you are the type of person who says,

“I don’t need counseling”

then you are someone that probably DOES! I sent Biggles there once or twice (Dr. Copitch is excellent and very patient with children, dogs and the occasional clown). Even Biggles had to admit that he found the visit to be quite helpful.

You see….

Biggles used to have a problem keeping both hands on the wheel in life.  Now that he has had a chance to talk things out within the safe bounds of therapy, he now has a better grasp on life and life’s trials and tribulations.

Now Biggles is thriving!

He can even thrive with no hands….and the radio on…….

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