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April 26, 2010

WEEKS…and the Bay to Breakers will be upon us!

I am very excited!  Biggles……LESS SO.

It seems that Biggles has had some back trouble and he is getting some work done.  What that means to


is that he is getting some adjustments from his Chiropractor.  What it apparently means to Biggles is that he has wound about eight miles of that orange “under construction” netting around himself.

Biggles looks like a big colorful whale, who has become lodged in a net.  HELP HELP!!  MR. LIMPETT!

(For all of you children who remember the movie with Don Knotts–HERE’S A COOKIE!)

So here we are in the Final COUNTDOWN

leading up to the FINAL final countdown….and Biggles is claiming that he is experiencing back pain.  I think that he just wants attention.  And…a cookie.

Is there anyone that is going to Bay to Breakers too?  I received our packet in the mail on Friday.

There they have included our toe tags that keep track of all of the runners as they cross the different checkpoints.

They have an interesting feature:

At various points along the route, there are cameras.  The B2B staff advises that you place your Participant Number up high on your chest so that it can be easily read by the camera (which tags it so that you can search later).  You can pose with your friends and get your picture taken, and the cameras will be taking photos of everyone at random so that–a few days afterward on a website, participants can search for all of the photos that they appear in (by their number tag) and then print them off for a small fee.

I will need to remind Biggles about keeping his hands away from his nose

and also other people’s noses!

I hope that while I am busy with this event,


at my listing.  I need to get it sold!!!,10,1

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