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May 27, 2010

I told you about when I fleww..right?

Well I am gonna fly again, and I am gonna have a flight lesson for the hour that it takes to fly from Red Bluff airport to Angwin airport, at the college in St. Helena, where I am having my knee replacement surgery.

THAT IS CORRECT! A scant three weeks after walking the Bay to Breakers and my knee is winding down to a mere strand of shredded tendon! I have certainly gotten my money’s worth out of the original equipment before going for the trade-in.

My doctor forbade me to RUN in the race, but said that I could walk to my tolerance level and it would be fine to participate.  He was very pleased at the progress I have made since replacing the other knee three years ago.

Right now I have my flight terror going on

(which is like, “OH NO!!  THEY WANT ME TO FLY??  MEEEE?  HAVE THEY MET ME???” ) hmmmmm….

At least, it is keeping me from having the Surgery terror, which I will have that NIGHT, once I am trapped there and facing surgery the next morning (6/9) and then I will be saying

That should be fun….the flying part. Surgery…welllll–I will just have to look forward to getting it over with!!

On a more sober note:

I had to buy a walker for my upcoming knee surgery.  It can be a very traumatic experience—buying your first wheeled walker. They are the thing that you


never want to have to get….because       it means that YOU are

OLD          right?


I had a walker for the last couple of knee surgeries (and of course I don’t know where

THAT walker went, so now that I need to buy one again!)
A walker—well it just  AIN’T NO BIG THANG!

They are WAY easier to use then crutches and I will fix mine up with a horn and a basket…
…and internet/cable with a fold-down dvd player and a small fridge. yeah… GRIN

So I got the walker. I had asked them at the hospital, should I show up with a walker–or will you give me one? They said Oh Yeah…we can “give” you one ($300!). I said I will bring my own, which the insurance paid $100 and I paid $25 so I am really glad I asked!!

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