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May 29, 2010

You can’t tell by looking at it…

But this was the most awful chore for me.  I have always had a problem with my eyes–in relation to

Sharp and pointy objects!

(I had a link to the toothpick holder thingy…..)

(ahhh, what a pity! The item appears to be sold! I will describe it: a wooden sort of egg-shaped “pig” with holes all over its back, where you would insert toothpicks so that they were handy. The pig/porcupine had painted eyes that also had holes to accept two additional toothpicks…I HATE POINTY THINGS IN THE EYE!!!!!!!)

It has always bothered me to have to look at pointed things…I don’t know why that is but perhaps I was poked in the eye as an infant.  It was one of my household chores to FILL THE PORCUPINE.

I was amazed and sort of SHOCKED to find the very same porcupine toothpick holder that we had–on Ebay!

Not that I want to buy it–although maybe that would be the best method of facing my demons and ridding myself of them.  NOT!

My brother liked to add to my stress by sitting at the table with me while I completed this objectionable task.  He delighted in POINTING out to me that the EYES had HOLES in them as well, and–for this task to be truly complete, he insisted that I must put toothpicks

in the EYE HOLES!!!!

Oh, that made me want to


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  1. Elaine permalink
    June 2, 2010 1:05 am

    Deb has always had a very vivid imagination. No, she was NEVER poked in the eye as an
    infant. Instead, she was carried around in a very pink and fancy baby shawl and dotted on
    by her mother.

    I do, however, remember the porcupine tooth-pick holder. Isn’t it adorable?

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