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June 2, 2010

heh heh heh Had ya goin’  …..

Not THAT kind of a B.A. !

I meant “BEAUTIFUL ADORNMENT”.  Lots of people have noticed (a few have even asked), BIGGLES wears make-up!


dEb does NOT.

Well,    Duh.    Clowns LIKE to wear all that gaudy crap on their face!  Personally, I never went in for that.  Nope!

The cosmetic industry has made very little cash when it comes to my need to go shopping for products.

I simply could not resist     (when I developed this Blogsite)     having a little bit of color “photo-shopped” onto my photographed likeness.

No one should expect to see ME with that stuff on my face in real life! Please Expect–to be disappointed if you are looking for that

shiny penny!  If you read about my CHILDHOOD HORROR, then maybe I am more easily explained than I thought.  I don’t like anything

stuck in my EYE!  I have trouble believing that

I am the only one

who thinks this way.  Oh–WAIT!


It seems that most men resist any attempts made by the Cosmetic Industry–to encourage the masculine portion of society

to wear make-up.  Oh sure, there is the occasional exception.  While at the Rennaissance Faire a few months ago, I saw a young man

wearing some heavy black eyeliner.  He looked exactly like the photos of Rudolph Valentino as The Sheik.  So, I said,

“Hey, it’s The Sheik”,

The guy didn’t know that I was referring to HIM.  I think that maybe he was just a pirate. ARRRRRR……

Anyway, Men may actually be a bit smarter than women, if only in this particular arena.

Most men        do not/will not/may never     wear cosmetics.

I have fought this concept of painted-on adornment since I was about 11. Oh, and my Mom gave me a tube of her old red lipstick once

(I think I was five).  I believe I used it to Beautifully adorn one of the bathroom mirrors.

I have never felt it necessary to paint a face on myself.  I like the one that was included when I was shipped from the factory.

The reasons are plentiful–that stuff costs money and I have other things I’d rather buy.  There have been a few times–that I have allowed somebody to “just try some on me and see what I think…”

I always think the same thought;   “I really MUST wash this crap off of my face because it feels like dirt.”  Then, I wash it off!  I think that the last time I wore nail polish, it was for my college graduation in 1985! Since I have here and now


that I am not buying into the industry,

Does that make me a lesbian?  Well, I don’t FEEL like a lesbian

so you all can just cut it out!  I do like the comfortable shoes that they get to wear….so I guess you might continue to wonder and to discuss the possibility.

The Title of this post, while somewhat misleading–is about all of the

Beautiful Adornment

that we have available to us in this wacky world.   Many people go for piercing: the face, genitals, belly….it is kind of funny when you think about it!  It seems like you can drill a hole through your flesh–and no one will raise a finger or bat an eyelash about it.

But     DARE to go about CLEAN-FACED…   and you are seen as a troublemaker.  Why?

Always one to go to extremes–I have been mulling over the idea of my own personal adornment.  Maybe it is time for a change!

Biggles is growing weary of wearing all that red, white and blue facepaint, so he may be willing to

Just chuck it all

and get one of those discs that are either seashell, bone or wood–that you wear in your lip.  I believe that there is a Do-It-Yourself kit available at Walmart.


It would raise concerns about how to successfully eat ice cream….but I think I am ready to make the sacrifice.

If you know of anyone who has gone in for that look, please ask them to let me know where to go to get a lip-disc of mine own.

I wanna be beautiful!!!!   I don’t think regular eye or lip color will be as effective as filed-down lip or ear (or possibly a nose) disc.

Discs  R  Us   ?

In conclusion, I want to tell you

–if you wanna put stuff on your face, it is fine with me!  It won’t matter a lick to me if you want to

poke holes,



or if you want to attach and hang a Shetland pony from your nosehair.

Just leave me alone!

I like the line in that song, The Tracks of My Tears, by Linda Ronstadt.

My Smile Is My Make-Up

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