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July 4, 2010


I will regain the full use of my knee. The part I don’t remember from last time is that the “getting it back” part


Did I repress that memory?

It seems like the more walking I do, the more swelling and pain I am experiencing.  I signed on quite willingly for Physical Therapy,

Because I understand that I am a big whiny baby who will NOT DO WHAT IT TAKES to regain full use all by myself.  I need to have those

fine folks at Kevin Snider Physical Therapy riding herd and cracking the whip over me.  I cry~~

I have cried two times. I do not hold that against them however. I view it as a good thing–


Some people might use those very same words to describe me.  Quite the positive pain I am.

OK now for some walking out in front of the house, since it is after 7pm and beginning to cool down outside.

As I amble limply along, it occurs to me that I look like I am on guard duty.  I am guarding my freedom!

hahaha  no.  I am only being silly and amusing myself as I try to make the stupid knee

not hurt any more!

That is my goal for now.  I am celebrating my freedom from knee pain.


OMG the hips are next…


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