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August 11, 2010

SEPTEMBER 11 and 12 at the Russian River!

Just what I have been needing: a weekend away from it all.  This is an event that I have attended off and on with several dear friends and so I think that it will be therapeutic for me to go and really enjoy myself for a change.

The past year has proved


I read that David Sanborn is going to be there on Saturday and it should be an excellent show!  I love that area around Guerneville.

There are lots of great little shops and restaurants. I particularly liked the TOY STORE!  Maybe that was Biggles…

Also there is a fun garden shop. Give yourself time to do the walking self-guided tour.  I think that it’s gonna be a great occasion!  Maybe I’ll even come home with a new tye dye dress!!


My knee has one more HOOP to jump through and that will be tomorrow. If I can get the same amount of BEND that I have been getting

for the past week, I will be out of the woods (as far as the PROCEDURE is concerned) and well on my way to getting a full range of motion in my knee again.  Wonderful!  This knee test is the hardest test I ever had to study for. I will want to celebrate a little!

Back to the Russian River:  I believe that one year we had the motor home and that was some traveling in style. This time it might be just as good to secure a couple of hotel rooms. I am getting too old to want to camp out and sleep on the ground.  I hope that my friends agree with me on that.

Just type in Russian River Jazz Festival in your search engine and get your ticket online!  See you there!

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