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August 17, 2010

Does anyone remember Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom? Marlon Perkins was the host.  There are times when I am reminded of him, when I have some interaction with animals.

Such as what happened on Saturday, for example.  I was sitting on the deck, enjoying the cool morning air. Presently I heard the lowdown, deep voice that my cat, Miso, uses to announce to the world that he has a “catch”.  He does that whenever he has hunted successfully, and it is his way of bragging about it. Sort of like a guy who goes around beating on his chest…”I AM THE GREATEST”, is what he is crowing about!

He did this and so I watched his approach, as did the other two cats, who are young and female. Miso’s Sisters…the two of them–he usually either ignores them altogether or else he tries to swat them (if they are foolish enough to step into close range).

Today, he brought forth a squirming, terrified (but very much alive) lizard.  He carried it straight over to where the girls were sitting, and he deposited the lizard at their feet.  Then he went over to the shady spot on the pavement and made himself comfy.

The two girls were looking at the lizard with a combination of caution and interest.  Finally, the lizard, feeling itself to be free for the moment–TOOK OFF running up the wall of the garage.  The cats rallied and responded with a bit more energy at that, but still the lizard was able to get away from them and save his scaly skin.

Miso was patient at first, but the moment he realized that the girls (Jeebus in particular) had FLUBBED the opportunity, he got crabby.  He walked over to Jeebus, spoke harshly to her and smacked her on the head, twice.  Well, to be truthful I don’t know exactly WHAT was said, but he definitely used a derogatory TONE with her.

It was so obvious

that he caught the lizard and gave it to the other two cats, either as a gift or a hunting lesson, and when they failed, he criticized them.  Just like people do!  I felt like Marlon Perkins…

I told this story to some “Cat People” who told me “that is a good story.”  Then I told a few (noncat-loving) people, who told me that I am

“One Crazy Broad.”

I guess that the jury is still out on that one, and taking it under discussion.  I’ll let you know later WHAT is decided.  I will find out when the tar and feathering will take place and get back to you. Dang….I never know what I should wear to an occasion like this.

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