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August 24, 2010

THE HEADLINE READ:  “Dolphin Funeral Draws Hundreds of Humans, But No Other Dolphins”

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I was thinking that this must be a “pretend” headline, such as the ones you see at the website, The Onion (

But no, this was an actual headline, from July 16th issue of the Christian Science Monitor.  You know those wacky Christians!  Fun-loving and Forgiven…what Scamps they are!

I was discussing the headline with a friend…the “gist” of the story is that a water attraction in (New Zealand maybe?) had a dolphin that was popular with the fans. Upon its death, many people showed up at the “funeral” to pay their respects.

The fact that NO OTHER dolphins showed up is a bit of a mystery…My friend and I wondered if perhaps…due to the fact that the service was most likely conducted


may have hindered the making of travel plans.  Maybe the word was not circulated sufficiently, leaving the entire Dolphin community essentially in the dark (for lack of information).

Perhaps it was more a question of IDEOLOGY..Maybe Dolphins do not believe in funerals.  This could account for their absence as well.

Anyway, the reason that the Dolphins stayed away will probably continue to be a mystery that will baffle Scientists and Christian Science Monitors alike–for many years.


I think that they should’ve just invited the dolphins!  Even the Miami Dolphins…

We are a country that prides itself on Free-thinking Individualism!  But that’s just US.  We try to be respective of all cultures and ideology. Unless it is different from ours… LOL(satire)

In the place where this happened (New Zealand?)

who knows what sort of Dolphin Etiquette rules have been breached unnecessarily~

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