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September 11, 2010


My friend Karen is cooking mounds of delicious food, which makes me glad that I stopped here on my way to meet my friends at the Russian River Bluesfest.

COFFEE CAKE….(drooool)


I will definitely need to get back to the gym when this weekend of feeding is over! 

I had my three-month knee check-up in Napa yesterday. The Dr. says that my new knee is great! I do not have to see them again for FOUR YEARS.

That’s good news.  The Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in St. Helena is where they are. I spent the night in their lodgings there–housed in a building that is 135 years old and the oldest structure on the campus, according to staff.  Speaking as a REALTOR I ‘d say that the building has gone several years past its Economic Value! However it is in excellent condition and it was very quaint.

I will meet my friends this afternoon in Windsor, where we will have a nice dinner together and stay over. Early Sunday we will be getting in line for the gates to open and then it will be a full day of music and friendship and lots and lots of LAUGHS ALL DAY!!

I have been looking forward to this. I needed a nice little vacation

and some time with good friends.

Once on the beach, it is important to stake out one’s AREA…By the time the music starts there is very little sand left showing between all of the colorful spreads and blankets. We festival-goers know well that the thing to do is to bring those lovely celtic design spreads that I buy at the renaissance faire…a couple of those make a fairly good piece of

 real estate  for the duration of the show. Out of ettiquette, people will generally skirt around the edge of these ‘claims’ and so you are wise to be generous to yourself and   

S  P  R  E  A  D    O  U  T  !!!

The show on Sunday is headlined by the Doobie Brothers!  I think it’s gonna be a fun day. 

Once Karen stops feeding me, I will be on my way.  The most difficult thig I plan to do, once the driving part is over…is to try to get up and down from the ground as I struggle to sit in that little beach chair. My knees will object somewhat.  ow…

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