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October 29, 2010

…However, not in the way you would imagine….  


I was stacking wood from the big pile into neat

stacks and I had a piece of wood in each hand

and I tripped over another piece and went


then landed with a full body solid


What was sweet was that my Boy Kitty Miso came
over immediately to touch noses and make sure I was
ok. (He said, “You are ok, right? We’ll still get our food…?)

Yesss, very concerned…
OK well I knew that my 50-yr-old body would be fairly bruised
and battered today so I am at home convalescing and I called the Doctor’s office.
The worst part is that I landed square on my KNEES, hardest on my
most recently rebuilt knee..  😦
I might need to go show a Buyer a house today (I will do that!) but otherwise,
I may just sit quietly in front of the fire.

YES! I burned the offending wood.


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  1. Pat Hudson-Sommers permalink
    October 30, 2010 2:28 am

    Never a dull moment at Deb World! I hope that you feel better!

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