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November 16, 2010

Recently, in the news…

Everyone was watching as the Carnival Cruise ship was towed slowly in to port, which took several days (geez, would ya look at the size of her!) AND since the power went off, there was very little food available, save for crackers and those     tiny onions and olives from the bar.

My friend Rex and I were talking about it…

At the point where they were airlifting 50,000 pounds of food onto the deck, he says, “Wow. I guess it is a good thing that the sea is so calm, otherwise they might not have been able to bring the food…”

I made some remark (totally tasteless) about the ill-fated Donner Party, but Rex won the comedy prize:

Had things gone badly, they might have had to change the name to carnivore cruises

HAHA! Funny…and sick.

Of course, we are (rabid?) fans of zombie movies since way back.  George Romero, Night of The Living Dead,

Dawn of the dead

SHAUN of the dead….

I love them. I have fond memories of special friends and watching movies where dead people eat the alive people.  There is one really cool one, a movie by Peter Jackson, the Lord of the Rings guy (look it up!)–

where you see Gramma get pegged in the forehead with a garden gnome, and she wanders in and out…sort of a comic relief.

I mean, C’Mon…

its PRETEND!  So it’s not really scary.  Not like


Happy Thanksgiving…

That reminds me…Do ya know how–in the last few years, everyone has just gone goofy with regard to whether it is correct to wish people MERRY CHRISTMAS, or is that slighting the many other religious holidays…and you should now consider including them…Merry Happy Christmas/Kwaanzaa/Chanukkah/ et Cetera…

Nobody has said SQUAT about the name of the holiday commemorating the Country’s humble beginning?  The Pilgrim’s Progress–sort of getting their asses saved by the local residents, who were kind enough to share their gardening tips (remember Squanto and the fish?) while the pilgrims were not opposed to sharing a couple of mirrors, some beads and at least one deadly virus.


Thanks-giving?    I think that we need to come up with a better name, one that is not so explicit.

Weight-gaining Day?

Family from out of town Day?

Uncle George is snoring on the couch by 4pm    Day?

Thanks    Giving…..

No one talks about this.  No one has an opinion.   Why don’t we just name the DAY for the dish that we all love?

That Green Bean Stuff with Those Crunchy Onions…


GIVE THANKS!                            GIVE THANKS!                     GIVE THANKS!

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