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February 11, 2011


(From some article:)

“That’s the question du jour on the Internet after the fashion house posted a tweet earlier today which used the turmoil in Egypt to plug its “new spring collection.” The posting triggered a flood of comments blasting the company for putting out what critics saw as a tasteless tweet.”

What it said was…

Millions are in an uproar in Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at -KC



Then I read this…

In a statement put out under his name this afternoon, company chairman Kenneth Cole wrote:

“I apologize to everyone who was offended by my insensitive tweet about the situation in Egypt. I’ve dedicated my life to raising awareness about serious social issues, and in hindsight my attempt at humor regarding a nation liberating themselves against oppression was poorly timed and absolutely inappropriate.”



Here’s the thing, Ken…


To apologize…



What you need to do is say this…

THANK YOU for reading my comment! I am so happy

that we live in a country where we are

free to disagree

and everybody can still speak their minds and maybe

even possibly be offensive.

Doesn’t anyone remember

“Sticks and stones…”

Speaking your mind, expressing your thoughts…


These are important aspects of our lives in America!

The only thing that is more offensive is to NOT SPEAK,

Out of FEAR of OFFENDING someone.

Just remember that you can offend ALL of the people

Some of the time, and

You can offend SOME of the people ALL of the time-

But Kenneth Cole can offend all of the people all of the time, if he tries.

Everybody knows that ALL ads & publicity are ultimately GOOD ads & publicity…

I say to Kenneth Cole…nice job at guerrilla marketing.

I wonder if this post will offend anyone! I hope so 😉


I had never heard of Kenneth Cole prior to this so ~you see? Publicity works~

Advertising: A stick rattling in a swill bucket.

~George Orwell

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  1. pawww... permalink
    February 11, 2011 10:39 pm

    Pretty good Deb. I didn’t know you had read Eric Blair.

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