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February 23, 2011

Don’t you love philosophical discussions that go nowhere….

Arguments brought forth for no other reason except for the sake of argument!?

Take, for example, the case of the article that I found while browsing through Wikipedia.

Personally, I LOVE the wiki…

I suspect in my heart of hearts that Wikipedia is to Information…

What Reader’s Digest is to Literature.  Fluff!  Filler….

Something to read in order to help Time to pass successfully, but Not To Be Relied Upon…

Which brings me to this list of Unusual Units of measure.

According to Wikipedia, an unusual unit of measurement exists for the following reasons:




Scientists are not normally thought of as having a sense of humor, so it is interesting that Men and Women in that field

would be going around making up silly units of measurement but IT’S TRUE!  They do.

Here are a few:


(as in “Two shakes of a lamb’s tail)  This is actually a specific unit of measure, equal to about 10 seconds per shake.

I kid you not!


(as in “I’ll be ready in a jiffy”)  This is another actual U. of M. equal to 1/60th of a second although One would need to have ramped up their ‘hustle’ in order to cram 60 jiffies, or “jiffibytes” into a full second.


(In computer-ese)  A Nibble (or NYBL) is equal to 4-bits or half of the common 8-bit Byte. So Two Nibbles to a BYTE!  When discussing dogs, One tends to think that their Bark is better than their byte but a Nibble could be just as damaging!

You see, don’t you? These are IMPORTANT facts to study upon!

Personally, I don’t understand how I made it through the first 51 and a half years of life without having to deal with these specific units.

That was simply fortunate for me.

Another Unusual U of M would be (University of Michigan?)  No, Biggles!

Try to stick with the subject at hand!                        Unusual Units of Measure!


This is a rather hotly debated unit, that measures the hotness of peppers.  Apparently (and this is just me guessing)

some guy named Scoville ate a hot pepper and was witnessed to exclaim


And….an Unusual Unit of Measure was coined, (sorry Paris Hilton. It was Scoville who made it up, NOT YOU!)

There is also the ASTA Pungency Test for measuring pepper hotness. I think that the hotness arena is pretty thoroughly covered.


Are you thinking suddenly of MAD MAGAZINE?  Well, of course you are! That is due to the fact that a “Potzrebie” is useful in describing

the exact thickness of an issue of Mad Magazine.  Well duhhhhh….

As you travel down the list of this subject, and as you will undoubtedly move on to study the other related pages as you surf the wiki

You will not be surprised to find


A method of measuring COOLNESS…



A unit of measuring FAME (based on Andy Warhol’s prediction that everybody in America will eventually become famous for fifteen minutes.)

This is when the whole article develops a huge case of the sillies and just goes right off into the


which is possibly going to eventually produce an entirely new category of measurement.

I think that Silliness may be measured by different applications of a


that shows the variable degrees of silliness that can be expected when all of you attempt to view the world

at dEb Level.

Remember how your Gramma cooked?  A PINCH of this and a SMIDGEN of that.

Those would be unusual units of measure, although sort of standard in the Gramma-cookery arena.

Dockers pants for MATURE men advertises that their product offers a


more room in the seat…

Which is a VERY NICE way of euphemistically saying Fat Guy pants.  (GRIN)

I truly hope that this article will create avenues for discussion and perhaps at least a whole

day of work just sort of pissed away….

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  1. July 29, 2012 12:26 pm

    Greetings from The Lowcountry! I started off my evening plowing through my no-win inbox and then decided to forward a recipe to a friend. I told her to take special note because the cooking temperature was in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. I told her at least it wasn’t expressed in Kelvins, (Look that up in Wiki.) Fahrenheit. I told her at least the cooking temp wasn’t expressed in Kevins, (Look it up on Wiki) I knew she would be lost anyway because the recipe was in Portuguese. (I find some neat stuff on Yahoogroups – Brazil) Next I went into a riveting explanation on how to convert Kevins to Celsius to Fahrenheit. Have you ever been to the beach and look at sandpiper tracks in the wet sand? Those birds head in that direction, abruptly shift directions and head off 45-75 degrees in a new direction, and then abruptly shift back to the first direction and continue on. I call their zigzagging “bird walking.” Along the way through Wiki, I birdwalked over to Kelvinators, where I learned Kelvinators today are only available in Argentina and the Philippines. During WWII, Kelvinator of England converted their entire factory into research and development of gauges, instruments, and meters that would work at very high altitudes and at very low temperatures. Their advances are credited with saving hundreds of thousands of lives. I had to tell my friend all about Lord Kelvin (William Thompson) who gave us the Kelvin scale and determined absolute zero. He is not given credit for determining absolute hot. Several more hours of Wiki and Plain English Wiki birdwalking led me to a tie to the first transatlantic cable laying, more websites listing strange and unusual units of measurement, and eventually I came to rest on your blog spot. I saw right away you too had discovered hidden fun in Wiki’s strange and unusual units of measurement. I felt right at home! Drat! I’ve got to go. I just realized I never did tell my friend what lasagña de atún‏ is. Back to Google! (Something to think about: What does “Googlyzed” mean? “Bamgoogled?” How about “Googlebite(s)?” Great fodder for meaningless discussions that lead no where or we’ve just created our own strange units of measurement!! Happy trails and enjoy purposely birdwalking through life, Karr (XVIIII)


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