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March 4, 2011


I try to make it to the gym every day, and that usually translates in real life to three days per week so that is good. I am waiting for the next NICE WEATHER weekend to try walking the River Trail. If I can comfortably walk the five-mile loop, I will feel ready to walk the 12k distance of

the 100th Annual Bay to Breakers

in May. It is a 12k, which is 7.49 miles.

Last year I finished the course in just under three hours…

I had my knee replaced just a few weeks later!  This year I am better equipped

to go the distance.

I’d like to improve my finish time. Two hours would be just GREAT!

Truth be told, it is not the B2B that I find intimidating. It is the CITY!  I grew up in Orange County before it was

rechristened the OC

Orange county used to have actual orange trees when I lived there!

I moved to Northern California at age 21~

Now approaching age 51…

I feel like such a country bumpkin whenever I travel to any place larger than Chico.

Still, we must all do our best to conquer our fears and so a-conquering I will go.


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