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March 14, 2011


have talent, indeed.  The show at Win River on Saturday was a


I won second place in Comedy, and Ron Schmidt won first. It was his first time up there and my fourth. I won First Place the first year

and I took second last year. I got a big giant check for $150. That is a BIG CHECK!

Deb wind second place 2011

I had so much fun!  I think that going on a stage in front of a room full of people is absolutely exhilarating!  I don’t use OP JOKES

(Other People’s)…NOPE I write all of my own material and I do what Flight Safety Guy Bill Hill says…


(Thank you Bill!)

It is tough to practice a comedy act on your friends. They LOVE to pick on you, at least the really GOOD FRIENDS do.

I found a great quote, one that really spoke to me about my friends.

Delicate of heart, and kind–  With a tongue that is neither…That is the best company in which to find oneself.

Fits my friends…


to my friends Rex and John for coming to the show and encouraging me! Rex taped my performance so I will be putting it out there into cyber-circulation soon. After I exclaim in horror at what I look like on camera of course!

(right now I am picturing that screaming-hands-on-the-cheeks bit that Macauley Culkin did in Home Alone. )


I believe they say the camera adds 40 pounds…

Just go along with me on this.

My friend Tacey

Well she was a really big help last week. I asked her to come shopping with me for some appropriate business wear. I don’t know if anyone has


…but I have pretty much dressed like a frickin clown for my entire life…

I’ll admit….

The whole presentation thing, clothes make the (wo)man, Dress for success…

I always thought it was bullshit.  I mean, who of us is dumb enough to be taken in by some scammer conman,

just because he or she has $600 shoes on and a $100 haircut…the same is to be said for the OPPOSITE:

If you dress like a clown, you MAY BE a clown…BUT you might also be a genius. If you are a genius, it doesn’t matter if

you dress in a nice expensive tailored suit, or you just do what I always do:

Drive around until you see a field with a scarecrow in it, and then take what you need.

What about that guy that you see on TV peddling his GET-STUFF-FOR-FREE books? He wears a question?Mark suit. Cool.

Tacey had some critical things to say about my attire after she watched the video. She approved of my dress and shoulder shrug–

SHE PICKED THEM OUT! That was a no-brainer. She did not, however, care for my choice of footwear!

She had instructed me prior to the show–
“Nobody wants to see your clunky, white shape-ups work-out shoes! Get yourself a nice pair of black shoes.”

I asked, “What you are not going WITH me?”  She says no…

HAHAHAHA Joke is on her.

I returned home with a nice new pair of


Clunky, dorky, nerdy work-out shoes…

…which I wore…..on-stage……


You see, to me, comfort is everything. To be sure, you get an all-around nicer, more pleasant dEb that way.

There were a bunch of jokes that I did NOT use…I will tell you if you ask!

I think that I will take a drive down to my nearest North Valley Bank, and try to cash the giant check that I got!

Hey, if you came out to support the show…


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