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March 27, 2011

California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC) hosts a conference every year. The location hops back and forth from Southern to Northern California. This weekend it was at the Convention Center in Sacramento.

Due to a cancellation of one of the club members, I was invited to attend.  In my opinion

One should always accept any FREE learning opportunity with enthusiasm!

I went on the Shasta College bus with the Early Childhood Education Network (ECEN) club. This club had invited me to ‘MC’ their event, PALOOZA! an Auction that was held in February.  I used to go to these events when I was Teaching for the Shasta County Office of Education. My friend and former Principal, Linda McBride used to send me to them with regularity.  I would gather a wealth of information and take good notes so that I could share the ideas with my colleagues at our next staff meeting. I always returned from these conferences with renewed vigor and several fresh new ideas!  I left the field of Childcare in 2003, after I had injured my knees in a fall.  I have been a Realtor for the past six years and I absolutely



My heart still pines

for the school-age class!

I spent 18 years working in the same classroom in Shasta Lake (AKA Central Valley).  I loved that job and going to these workshops was a fun reward for the remainder of the year spent working with the school-aged kids.


I miss it quite a lot to be truthful.  This year, even though I have left the field of Childcare, I felt quite comfortable being back amongst  “My Tribe” ; all of the Preschool Teachers, School-age Teachers, Infant Care Teachers, Classroom Aides, Administrators and etc. that attended the conference in Sacramento.

I am a pretty good Realtor though….  GRIN

My absolute favorite Presenter was there and I was very pleased to attend her workshop on Saturday. Bev and Michael, her son-in-law, do a marvelous job!

Bev Bos

Bev Bos Blog

Turn the page press

I hope that I can be a Presenter for the conference at some future date. I am considering writing a workshop proposal. I have a great GAMES workshop.

My Workshop

It was a great weekend and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  The only sour note was when I thought I had


It turned out that it was exactly where I had left it, at the Starbuck’s kiosk where I sat and had a latte between workshops.  It is a scary feeling to lose your purse as any woman (or purse-carrying man)

will attest.  I had time to worry about it while I ran back there.

There were 1500 conference attendees–Child Educators!

I knew that my purse was completely safe.

For that matter, you could’ve accidentally


and when you returned—panicky, worried and frantic…

You’d find the kid





Enrolled in an infant care program!



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