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April 1, 2011

That’s what we were alright…a couple of silly fools.

He–because that is what defined him.

Me–for thinking that at age 41, I was getting married for the first time but old enough and wise enough perhaps to avoid that horrible

upheaval of a roller-coaster ride, the emotional and crazy

FIRST marriage

Instead somehow speeding on ahead to that joyous and lasting second marriage (well, his THIRD but who’s counting…)

certainly not HIM!

I knew about HIS first disaster of a marriage…but not the second!





you could simply say APRIL FOOL’S and like a magical annulling force from the sky


the deed from history and county records.


There was something to be learned from the whole eight-years-of-wedded-bliss experience…

(Something other than the thought that you need to avoid taking that nuptial road EVER again.)

That is not the lesson.  The lesson is (for me, anyway)…

*I could have been a better wife.

*I could have tried and tried and tried to understand my husband, sooth his ruffled brow, entertain his ideas, sit and listen, listen, listen

to all that he had to say.

*I could’ve been more supportive of his needs  (if there were any)

*I could’ve been more receptive to his thoughts (if he had any)

*I could’ve been more in tune with what he wanted from me (if even he knew)

*I could’ve been more welcoming to his friends (if he ever found one)

What I learned

is that people make mistakes. People marry the wrong people for the right reasons

and the right people for the wrong reasons.

I will learn from my experience and I believe that I will grow because of it.

That is because

I am capable of moving forward

and looking at the future

in a positive, mature and

scrumtilly-icious way!


I’d settle for contentment.

Happy April Fool’s Day!


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  1. Patti permalink
    April 1, 2011 7:48 pm

    hey- I was that 1st disaster of a marriage, it was a disaster cause he made it one with his lies and his demands and his negligence of being a dad, the guy had a young pretty loving wife who just wanted to be married and have his children but he thought the grass was greener on the other side so he left, and his life has been in the toilet ever since, no offense to wives # 2-3 and I am so glad to see him spiral out of control and I feel so sorry for any other women who get to know Greg O’Neil aka “egger winner” a name given to him due his his extremely large head size. haha love your blog girl.

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