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April 15, 2011

I Found This Guy…he is pretty funny!  His name

is KYLE CEASE.  He is a comedian and I like his stuff!  Go check him out at his website


I liked his videos, so I commented on his site. I hope he writes back!  That would be


do the kids still say that these days?  Swell?


I found you quite by accident. I stumbled over your carcass in the dark hallway. Or maybe I saw ya on the youtube…(I get those two mixed up).
OK if I may try to follow my own thoughts, You are FuNNy…
haha ya made me laugh ya tickled my funny bone and then my fancy and I split a GUT
EWWWW…that is pretty graphic. I mean REALLY, Kyle. We’ve hardly just met~
And now….I must WERRRRRRRRRRRRRK a little bit (earn my bread and beer)
I hope you read this so that you may know that I may adore you. In a quirky, psycho, A.D.D.
kinda way. Hey I just had a thought. If a person with AIDS has A.D.D. , A.D.H.D and ESP…how would you spell that…

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