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May 3, 2011

THE ROYAL WEDDING.  It was being shown on every channel, discussed

on every other channel.  My Mom’s friend, Jane is British. Well, her Mother was.  She still has relatives over there (Jane does), and my Mom says they are very nice people.  My Mom teased Jane;  The invitations had been sent, why didn’t Jane get one?

Hahaha   That’s a good one…Jane chuckled, and then she pretended to be slightly hurt.

*                       *                         *                            *

This is something that I love about my Mom…ok I’ll come right out and say it…

My Mom Can Be Very Silly.

There! (whew!) I said it.

My Mom went online and found a picture of the Royal Invitation. She put Jane’s name on it and printed it out.

Next, she found the address to Buckingham Palace, to print on the envelope.

That’s not all…

My Mom went online and Googled a picture of some stamps that featured a young Queen Elizabeth. She printed out a row, pasted them on the envelope and–with a pencil, drew in the cancel (squiggly) marks.

My Mother would never place anything like that in an official US Mailbox….oh no.

She had it sitting on the table for the next time that Jane walked by.  Jane got her invitation…


A little too late for an RSVP  (wink)

I applaud My Mom’s ability to take this little silly thing as far as she did!


I love

A Good Joke!

Even if it’s on me.  I’ll tell you what happened last Friday.  I stopped at

Sues Java Cafe

and I was having a cup, when I spotted an unusual coin in the tip jar.  It was bigger than a quarter and very tarnished so

I could not read it. I said,”I’ll give you a dollar for this” and the counter lady said, “great”.

I brought it home and I looked at it under a magnifying glass. My friend Marilyn said, “That’s a Sacajawea dollar.”

Well, I paid a dollar for a dollar.  In these times of heavy inflation and surging prices, I guess that getting a dollar for a dollar is


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