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May 23, 2011


for me!  Started out the day getting up at FIVE AM and slurping down some good hot coffee on the way to my friend Sam’s house.

I left my overnight bag and hitched a ride to the Redding Jet Center, where I climbed aboard a sweet little airplane piloted by my friend,

fellow REALTOR and a member of the 99s Pilot group, Barbara Crooker.

Barbara flew us to Corning airport, where we enjoyed a nice Pancake breakfast (cooked by the firefighters!) and then we got really organized.  There were several pilots, 99s members EAA members and other volunteers that were on hand to make this Young Eagles Day a successful and safe day for all.

We started handing out permission slips to parents and managed to accommodate the crowd of kids and parents, little brothers and sisters etc, who turned up at the airport to enjoy a day of flight.

85 children (and a few parents) had the opportunity to experience a ride in an airplane!  It is our hope that these kids will take away their photo, certificate and fond memory of a great afternoon activity, and that the experience will blossom and give forth to a new generation of sport pilots (airline pilots, and etc!)

My special smile of thanks and a Virtual Medal for Bravery goes out to my little buddy Isiaiah for being such a brave little man!

Everyone worked hard and it was a very successful event and a pretty good turn-out! There will be other chances to fly, for those of you that feel you have missed out!  Search the internet for Young Eagles and you can view the website which will keep you informed when the next opportunity is planned.

*   *   *   *   *

After the last child had the final flight, I called Sam who met me at Corning airport. Sam and I then continued on to Sacramento where we were able to spend a lovely day and night with our mutual BFF Karen!  It had been Karen’s birthday earlier in the week and she was still in the celebratory mood.

We joined the party in progress for birthday boy Ryan, who celebrated his 8th in the pool! Karen is up to her (dare I say?) 56th…I know it is ok to tell you because Karen

Looks healthy, happy and content to be Grandma Karen!

She has a good life and enjoys many blessings!  It was great to be able to come join in for the weekend and be a part of the celebration. To be able to LOVE KAREN (sort of) ON HER SPECIAL DAY.

Sam’s niece joined us for the trip home and will be visiting for a bit.  IT was a great weekend!

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