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July 9, 2011


Or, more succinctly, it is a GOOD year for fleas, if you happen to


a flea.

For the rest of us, it is awful.

I have been itchy for a few days and the cats are obviously being bitten.  The cats are the BLOOD HOST to a huge thriving Flea-conomy, which makes  me the SUBSTITUTE, SECOND STRING BLOOD HOST.  I am ok with not being number #1. I’m just not that competitive.

I was sending samples of bugs that I caught on the cats (and also on My Person). It must be true that we are having a horrible flea year!

They (the FLEAS) apparently LOVE the heat, and the tall grass. The yard is mowed but there is tall grass and also weeds all over these 6 acres and My Boy Miso in particular (being all whipskinny and crazy)–likes to crawl around under bushes. I have now given each kitty (I have 3 that I claim) AND the little stray guy (a foster-kitty) actual in-the-tub BATHS…(no, I don’t have fur stuck to my tongue!)


They (all four of them) allowed me to do it. Regarding their behavior, Jeebus the fat cat was a perfect angel in the water.

I could even let go of her for a few seconds at a time.

Good Girl!

Baby Squeek, she was very vocal and mournful but did not panic too badly…She did not try to latch onto me with the claws! I did not want to have to follow up

bath time


tetanus shot time.

Miso was


and struggled a little but it was mostly just for show. He seemed to feel better for the minutes that the bugs stopped biting

(long enough to either swim, drown or hold their breath).

Once they all had the towel-dry they were fine and the BEST PART IS THAT

no cat warned any other cat of what was coming.

The stray kitty was the most amazing. I mean, he has not been the most trusting of people and I am not his Mom so he may have momentarily questioned my motives when I plopped his butt in the water. All he did— was spread his toes out wide.


Then he sat and let me pour water on him and he was a very good little trooper. We always hear that cats hate water. They certainly hate to be THROWN in the water! They probably would hate the way that my brother Mark would bathe them (drop in toilet. Shut lid. Flush.)

Cats know that water has its uses.

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