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August 18, 2011


You know…..

Far be it from me to make fun of anyone, especially since I am such a little Princess my own self,


I have noticed a kind of


this is something  I have discovered. Sort of by accident–

a “serendipity” kind of thing.

Here is what happened:

It was a few days after the holiday weekend (the Fourth of July) and the newspaper ran a story about the     number of people that were arrested on a DUI–I think that there were about thirty over the weekend.

I always like to read the paper online so that I can see the comments from the readers. Some of them are hilarious! Just go to

and read ANY article…and then the comments. A pattern will emerge as there are several “celebrities” that are Constant Contributors. Some funny shit right there.

One of the “comment-taters” thought it would be a great idea if they posted photos of the Accused online.

That Somebody…was answered by another person who gave a website where


They showed all of the people that are in custody.


Mug Shots

I followed the link and started looking at page after page of people that had been arrested in Shasta County, on a DUI.

I started to notice a pattern. Tell me if you see it too, or is it just me?

Maybe it’s just me.

Nearly all of them have sort of messed up, misshapen heads, with their face parts all


Go on!  LOOK and see if I am wrong.  It is sort of disturbing. As you go through the pages, there are just so many of these people, these People With Odd Shaped Heads (PWOSH).

Sometimes, all FIVE–that is–an entire ROW would be PWOSH…which kind of turned into a sort of GAME.


HAHAHAHA  That was fun.

I went so far back in the photos that eventually I stumbled across a PWOSH

That I know.

A young man I know and adore–the grandson of a friend…

He had the unfortunate experience of being arrested on a charge of Driving Under the Influence about six months ago. Imagine my


at finding his photo there in amongst the funny looking people

and I noticed something else, too. Something I made sure I told the young man.

Something for him to take pride in….

(if you are needing to reach a bit to find something…)

That boy looked very handsome in his mug shot.

That almost never happens, right?!

But the fact was–his hair (‘tho mussed) looked FABULOUS, as it nicely framed his oh-so NOT-oddly shaped caboggan! Of all the drunks, loadies, meth freaks and stoners….


AHHHHHH…(heavy sigh)……

I was very proud   🙂

A few days afterward I was sitting at the light on 273 and Cedar. I saw a truck stopped and some guys were working on the road.


I secretly wanted to cry out to them,

“Run! Ruuuuun! You’re gonna get ARRESTED!”

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