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Falling Down From On Cop

October 25, 2011


to write about the funny side, sunny side at the very least the SILLY SIDE of life.  Although it seems as if, lately, the lives of folks who are very near to my heart–have been affected


with some of the most


In order to keep up with the usual light-and-jolly-ness, I have had to really SEARCH for those items               and I am telling you…. it is often difficult. Looking for some happy GOOD NEWS–

Sometimes it feels like I am searching for a diamond ring in a septic tank.

I feel very awful for my dear friend and her great loss.

Buzzard, (her nickname with us)….

My heart goes out to your whole family!!!!!!!!!!!


*        *        *        *        *

Then, feeling that sort of “whats-it-all-aboutness”

I wondered about cops…


Have you noticed that the term

LAW ENFORCEMENT seems to be getting more common?


ENFORCER!               PEACE….


Those words are used interchangeably and they do not have the same definition.

I wondered about the rate of suicide among cops. You know that it has got to be statistically high, given the stress of their jobs.

The job is becoming even more stressful and dangerous in these depressed economic times.

I GOOGLED it and found this article:

Suicide Rate Among Peace Officers

“Nationally, twice as many cops – about 300 annually – commit suicide as are killed in the line of duty, according to a study by the National Association of Police Chiefs.”

I hope that you will read the entire article, and then sit absolutely still for a moment and think about the job that these people do

every day.

I have a lot of empathy for PEACE OFFICERS.

I have met and gotten to know several retired Police officers, Sheriff and CHP. I really appreciate them for the work that they do.

BUT:       I do not want that job.

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