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December 19, 2011

I added an extra verse so I am claiming artistic license on that!

Also, Biggles the (whatever)

was a little put out as –

Um—er, oh..ok…

BIGGLES  wrote the song and he says he will only add more verses

For cash or fruitcake. I swear. It’s the TRUTH!

He said fruitcake~

To the tune of My Favorite Things (Sound of Music)

To the cast and crew of

It’s a Wonderful Life:

Christmas was coming—it’s too cold for fishin’

I thought I’d go to the play and audition-

‘Mrs. Martini’ was born on that day,

With all seven children

(and one on the way)!


I got the part starting early September,

We met up four nights a week ‘til November-

I met Martini but I’m puzzled to say…

He wears black &white but he calls himself ‘GRAY’?


We worked the weekends

So we got free passes;

David and me—we got paint on our—  (..Glasses?)

We built a rotating wall that was keen

Danny paints bridges like you’ve never seen!

From the first play—

To the last day—

What a time we had!

So try to RELAX—

While I give you the facts—

Hope nobody gets   real    mad..


The scene at the bank is my favorite to be in—

That’s when I get a sweet cheek-kiss from Ian!

My Dominicci flies into a rage—

That’s pretty CUTE (whoops!)

The guy’s HALF MY AGE!

Violet’s got talent and there’s

no deny-in’ –

She’s out there sellin—but Georgie’s not buyin’ !

Chelsea’s got stockings all tied up with string,

These are a few of the GUY’S favorite things!


I love Ma Bailey n’ her licorice stashes—

I was a BRAT when she did my eyelashes

The Marys…and Harry—and

Richard & DINK!

I think our costumes are starting



(OK added a verse…)

We’ve got a couple of COPS

(Matt and Randall)—

Good thing cuz Kaitlyn broke

All our prop candles!

Clarence the Angel has feathers for wings,

These are indeed some of


Now we’re all done—

And our show’s run—

I’ll be feelin’ SAD!

I’ll simply remember

To call one of you…





Before my song ends—

I have to commend


It just would not do—

Without all of you!

COLE don’t make me




~dEbO 12/17/11

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  1. Cole Cassell permalink
    April 6, 2012 8:10 pm

    I love this song the play was one of the besttimes of my life

    • April 6, 2012 9:47 pm

      Thanks Cole! Have a Happy Birthday and a Happy Easter! Maybe you should try auditioning for the play, To Kill A Mockingbird. Hope to see ya!

    • April 10, 2012 5:32 am

      Thanks Cole! I really enjoyed being a part of the play too! It sort of brought me out of my shell. I was shy before that…HAHAHAHAHA YEAH, RIGHT?

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