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April 13, 2012

Did I just make up a word?

Yes. Yes, I did.

That is a new form of measurement.     See My Old Post On Units of Measure

Regurgitential: adverb (I think), A combination of the words,

“Regurgitate”   and   “Potential”

I guess I should also come up with a rating system, like 0 to 10, with zero being NO potential to cause regurgitation, Like maybe….Flowers. Pretty harmless, are flowers!

….while a ten would signify

Maximum Regurgitation Potential

Take this article that I just read.

This Article

It has a HIGH Regurgitential. Almost a 10, but I will give it a 9 1/2.

BTW, Skittles always give me gas.

I do like this quote though!

“Skittles have always symbolized youth and innocence. They’re so brightly colored and almost pure sugar”

Remember, back in the old days when all a product had to do was to get placed in the right movie?

Remember how Reeses Pieces got their

Moment in the Sun…in the movie ET: The Extra Terrestrial? You wouldn’t EVER see M&Ms there, as a Moment in the sun would melt them into a delicious, gooey, chocolatey puddle.

But, simply,

NOT in your hands.

I guess Reeses had a better publicist.

OK so…if you were too lazy and/or stupid to open the link, or if I was too stupid and/or (certainly AND) lazy to get the link RIGHT..

I’ll tell you:

The article talks about how awful it is for several of our most favorite and idolized sugary treats: to be maligned by the fact of their notoriety following close proximity to a major life-changing event. In the case of Skittles, it is the fact that Treyvon Martin was eating Skittles when he was killed (it can be assumed), by George Zimmerman.

Remember ET?

ET was attracted to Reeses Pieces, which put that particular  brand new candy on the candy map.

Twinkies and Kool-aid were mentioned as also being unjustly shadowed by dark memories in our collective minds.

To this I must say, as I read this article, I could literally taste the (rainbow?)

No, the bile!

I thought it was a silly article. If people are buying Skittles MORE now, as a protest in the Martin shooting…

If people are eating LESS Twinkies and drinking LESS Kool-aid, due to their shadowy past history…

I’ll give that a Regurgitential rating of 9.1

Well, Twinkies always made me want to regurgitate, and I have never actually EATEN ONE! Especially not after finding out that

Twinkies have a shelf-life of seven years. Not to mention (But I’m gonna!) the Twinkie “tricks” that Jay Leno did once on the Tonight Show.

Tricks involving Twinkies. Specifically it was Twinkie ABUSE. Jay took an air pump and stuck it into one end of a Twinkie. He pumped it up with air. The Twinkie “sweat” Creamy Center Filling! Another thing that I recall Jay doing (to the poor, unsuspecting Twink) was to JAM a hot dog into one end and then it sort of looked like a hot dog IN a bun. Only it was a TWINKIE!       Ew.

The next thing you know, we are going to wake up one morning to find that ALL of our favorite snack foods have risen up in an organized revolt (or revolting, as in the case of the Twinkies).

Where is all of this going? When is it going to end??


Apparently it ends ri i i i i i i i i i i i i i ght…..


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