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Watch for Biggles “Sightings”…..

  • Biggles was seen at 2am at the doughnut shop….it is unknown whether or not he cheated on his diet.  He may have just been licking the edges of unattended pastry.
  • Biggles hangs out at the Shasta College cafeteria every so often.  He begs for dimes and wings them at cows.  Biggles likes cows but they cannot abide having him around.  He makes them MOODY….heh heh.

Here is Biggles in a pose from his High School Yearbook.  He was on the bowling team.  Biggles only bowled ONCE–meaning that he only threw ONE BALL.  Biggles got a STRIKE!  So, he quit the sport forever, satisfied with his PERFECT SCORE.  All it would take is for Biggles to throw ONE gutterball and his bowling average would PLUMMET.

Dig those cool bowling shoes!  Biggles loves to shop for shoes at the bowling alley.  They only cost about 50 cents.


 Biggles is the brave one, the FUN one.  Biggles loves to stay up late watching comedy, but I’m the one that has to get up in the morning.

I try to exercise and watch what I eat!  Biggles loves fried chicken.  When we are at the gym, I try to use the treadmill and—after only 5 minutes or so, Biggles is screaming,


He doesn’t mind the bike so we can ride it for a half an hour before Biggles starts complaining that his butt hurts.

I am the one that does all the housework!  I try to assign chores for Biggles but he thinks I am kidding.

Biggles always makes me listen to his stupid silly jokes! I don’t think that Biggles is all that funny, although kids love him.  Even babies!  Dogs rarely or never like Biggles.

Another thing about Biggles that is disturbing is his habit of talking to each and every total stranger!  I tend to think of myself as a bit on the shy side…I certainly do not seek the spotlight the way Biggles does!  In fact, I tend to run in the other direction when he starts up with his shenanigans.

Biggles recently went to dinner and a show at the casino.  Everyone there received a lovely parting gift:  A soft and comfy (faux) furry blanket.  Here is the TAG that was on the little faux throux (That is FRENCH for  “fo’  thro’  “) .  Biggles thinks that he gets to keep the livingroom that came with it.  Gee, that’s a dumb clown.  Nice livingroom though (in French…thoux)

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